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The Plastic Perfect Watercolor Palette!

The Plastic Perfect Watercolor Palette!

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I finally found it! This palette is perfect if you have watercolor paint in tubes and pans. 

Squeeze your staple colors into one of the 16 large wells and add a bunch of pans to match! Switch colors around easily, try new colors with your signature ones, it is super easy with this palette.

Measures 27x13x2.5 cm when closed.

Choose between palette + 24 half pans or palette + 14 full pans (pans come empty)

**Important update- as of February 2022 the palette contains a plastic insert, not metal. 

Refunds will not be issued only due to this change. I have examined and tested the new insert (watch detailed video below). The only difference I have found is that larger pans such as Schmincke and Lukas do not fit the insert as snugly but they do fit (see image). The two main rows fit all brands I have tried, the middle row will fit some. If you wish to use the middle row as well, please take under consideration this fact.

Thank you! 

This item ships from China, please allow 20-50 days for delivery, especially during Covid-19.

***Shipping costs of this item vary greatly. Most countries in the EU have free or very small charges, as well as for US, Canada and Australia.

Other countries, such as South Africa or India have shipping charges of 40-50$. If you are interested in this palette and your country is not included in the listing (you can see that when you check out), please email us and we will check the shipping charges and get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you!

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