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Sketchbook Essentials Stamp Set

Sketchbook Essentials Stamp Set

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The Sketchbook Essentials stamp set is aimed at artists who love to keep track of their art supplies, create color stories, sketchbook layouts and much more!

The set contains 16 stamps and includes the following designs-
*6 small pans- this is perfect for a quick color palette swatch.
*2 watercolor tubes- to record your watercolor collection, tubes you need to repurchase etc.
*7 different designs of pencils, pastels, brushes and pens- perfect for stamping and coloring in your art kit!
*4 accessories- eraser, sharpener, washi tape and paper clip, must have in any travel kit and super fun to stamp and color
*label and date stamp- so you can record the place/time

This is an A5 size set, the stamps range in size with the longest one (the brush) measuring about 13cm. The stamps are clear, made in the USA from high quality photopolymer. They are meant to be used with a stamping block (easily found on Amazon or any craft shop) and stamping ink (I recommend water proof ink such as Stazon).

This item ships from the US, customs charges may apply depending on your location in the world and are not included in the price. 

Please allow 5-10 days shipping within the US and 3-4 weeks to the rest of the world.

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