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The Watercolor Mixing E-Book

The Watercolor Mixing E-Book

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Many artists struggle to create unique and exciting colors using their watercolors. 

There are so many possibilities, hundreds and hundreds of colors to chose from! How can you decide which ones will give you the best mixtures and most beautiful colors? Why waste your money buying colors that end up unused in your palette?

So many wonderful brands are now making exciting granulating and separating watercolors but who has the time and money to try and find the perfect ones for you?

Enter the Watercolor Mixing E-Book!

The Watercolor Mixing E-book offers hundreds of mixtures that are exciting, unique and cannot be found in other books.

There are some great color mixing books out there, some even dedicated specifically to watercolors. I know, I have them. What I didn't find in any book were those surprising and exciting mixtures. Sure, we all know blue and yellow makes green and it is sometimes very helpful to have a reference. 

But what colors will you get when you mix a granulating violet with a semi opaque yellow? Now you can find out!

Use this book as a reference and as inspiration. It will help you make better shopping decisions next time you want to add another watercolor to your collection!

There are over A THOUSAND unique mixes included here, demonstrating a whole range of mixes. 

Included here are the most interesting and suprising mixes, focusing on complementary colors, as well as granulating and separating ones.

Featuring more than 60 watercolors by the world's leading artist grade manufacturers such as Daniel Smith, Schmincke, Holbein, Qor, Sennelier and many more! Pigment information is also included to save you even more time and money!

Included in the book is a template you can print out and use to create your own mixes!

Once purchased, you can immediately start browsing and find your perfect colors!

The Watercolor Mixing E-Book includes all the mixing pages from my popular Watercolor Freedom E-Book and MANY MANY MORE!


This book is in no way meant to include all colors out there. It is a great reference and inspiration with many options, but naturally there are endless more out there.

Watercolors can vary. Different manufacturers use the same pigments and create totally different colors. In addition, batches of the same color by one manufacturer can vary as well.

I did my best to adjust the colors to look as close as they look in real life. However, screens and different lighting settings can influence the appearance of colors.

Please take all that under consideration if you find your colors/mixes look slightly different than mine.


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