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Violet Haze

Violet Haze

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Violet Haze is a part of a new collection of artwork. Inspired by my love for color and texture, this piece is all about buttery pastels. Shades of violet, lavender and naples yellow create a fun and yet dynamic atmosphere. Circles of pencil and oils sticks add texture and a painterly effect. Scribbles of illegible Hebrew text add interesting detail.

Acrylic & Mixed Media on Wood.

Dimensions- 30 x 30 x 3 cm 

Price includes international shipping.

* My original artwork is made with artist grade materials

**I do my best to take accurate photos that look as similar as possible to the artwork in real life, but every screen is different and so there might be small differences in color and color intensity (teal is notoriously challenging). Please take that under consideration, thank you!

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